HR Consulting

STPL’s has a separate wing for HR Consulting Services. Our staffing wing has an exhaustive pool of resources with specialized expertise in various latest technologies in Software and IT Industry. Expertise and experience of operating in the field gives us the added advantage of being able to identify resources accurately and in shorter time.
At STPL, we maintain a pool of resources with expertise in rare and hot technologies to meet our staffing requirements in shorter time span. In HR consulting services, we follow 2 types of modus operandi to provide flexibility for our clients.

Contract Staffing

We have maintained a well informed and updated augmentation team with expert knowledge in the tech industry and our client’s local job market. This enables them to find the right professionals with right expertise. We enable complete flexibility to our client in terms of duration of requirement. We support staffing which extends from a few months to as long as a few years term. We provide the required personnel to our client’s office premises but on our payroll with an option to hire if the personnel are found apt for the role.

Recruitment / Direct Hiring

We also provide our client with the option of direct hiring. We maintain a pool of candidates’ in-order to meet our client requirements at any point. We pull out the matching talents as per our client specifications and carryout a very structured screening process to ensure that the identified personnel are apt for the role. Then we help our client to smoothly conduct their round of screening till the right candidate is choosen for the role to the complete satisfaction of our client. We have a proven track record of delivering quality service in different stringent timeframes.