Smart Road Solutions

Smart Road Solution is a result of various researches aimed at implementing the concept of intelligent roads. The product aims to provide a comprehensive solution to various issued faced in road transport infrastructure maintenance. The product is built on a unique idea that is patented by Saasvaap. The Smart Road Solution enables authorities to plan actions based on notifications and data captured by the roads infrastructure itself. This system will ensure all Smart Road enabled infrastructures are properly maintained through enabling proper planning and tracking.

Features of Roads built using SMART ROAD Solution are:

> Auto-Detect and notify road damages
> Auto Generate road usage statistics - Count Vehicles and identify vehicle type
> Auto Parking Assistance
> Provide Public Transport information to travelers
> Intelligent Traffic Signal System
> Smart Accident detection and auto-call for emergency services
> Environment & Pollution detection and statistics generation

Traffic Solutions

Today, the exponential growth of vehicle population in Indian Roads severely affects the mobility of persons and goods. In many cases, the maximum delay in any road traffic network is caused by delays at Traffic Junctions due to primitive technology implementations used.

This product aims to find optimum signal timings for any network of traffic signal controllers through a real-time optimization method.

The advantages of using the product are:

> Reduce stops and delay at signals
> Improve travel times
> Save on fuel & vehicle maintenance
> Reduce air pollution

Parking Solutions

The frustration faced by motorists in locating a parking lot and the harrowing experience that follows will become a thing of the past with the intelligent parking lot management system developed by Saasvaap. The product aims to help motorists find convenient parking lots en route to shopping malls, apartment complexes, cinemas and commercial hubs in real time. Public can be informed regarding the vacant parking lots without driving around looking for a place to park. The product aims to prevent traffic jams using entrance displays updated in real time with the available parking space status information. GPRS-enabled display boards can be installed anywhere to give the location of the parking lot and availability of parking space.

At the entry gate of a parking space, the system captures the image of driver and vehicle registration number plate. A bar-coded entry token will be provided and automated boom barriers will restrict entry. At the exit gate, live streaming of the vehicle registration number will be available. The entry ticket will be scanned, receipt generated, and bill printed for motorists.

The authorities will be able to get entry and exit vehicle information, real-time vacancy report, daily and monthly revenue collection, and parking load.

Key features of the product:

> Individual bay monitoring,
> Advanced parking management,
> Pre-trip Web-based information system,
> Variable Message Sign (VMS)-assisted display boards for driver guidance,
> Navigation systems to provide directions to the parking lot