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Here is how RPA helps in automating IT services and its operations.

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Project Overview:

Today’s businesses are very reliant on their information technology department. The IT department has its involvement in almost all other departments of a business, i.e., anywhere from simple email creation account to support the Accounting & Finance department. Thus, maintaining IT department in top notch form and relieving its personnel's for priority tasks are essential for the smooth working of the business operations.


In the traditional sense, working in an IT department can involve a lot of activities, and some of which are time-consuming, expensive and totally dependent on IT personnel like software updates, ticket management system, account changes, email group activation and deactivation, and so on. All these activities can be automated to open up resources that were previously tied up in these activities. These resources can then be put on tasks that are more important and essential to the business functioning.


Implementation of our RPA tool had the following results for our client:


  1. More than 400 hours saved which is equivalent to 16 days a month.
  2. Process runs 24×7 with minimal or no manual intervention.
  3. Drastic improvement in turnaround times for ticket resolution with minimal or no human intervention.

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