20 Apps to Meet Your Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable development is a vast topic that covers a lot of concepts from environment to financial growth. We all are aware of the importance of sustainable development. Yet we find ourselves difficult to strive forward into the executions of strategies that helps in building a sustainable future. How can we overcome this trouble we face to get started in leading a sustainable lifestyle?

Technology is advancing in a quick rate. The world we lived in a decade ago is completely different from the world we live in now. Technology is what that has changed. Currently, it has the capacity to change lives and lifestyles. Thus, could technology be the solution for a sustainable tomorrow? Let’s find out.

Apps or Application software are available to majority of the population in the world in an accessible and affordable manner. Hence, it has become an essential part of common man’s life over the past few decades. Likewise, there are apps that promote sustainable development by promoting sustainable lifestyle. Few such apps are Oroeco, iHuerting, Refresh Go Green, JoinIn, Sustainable Development Goals, How Good, LoveFoodHateWaste etc. Opportunity to choose a sustainable future is just one click away. Click here to learn more about and download these apps.

One of the major factors obstructing sustainable development is undoubtedly plastic. Studies have shown that in a year US produced 121.4 billion pounds of plastic in 2019. India produced 170 lakh tons of plastic in the year 2019. You can imagine the humungous amount of plastic that is being produced globally per year. Do you think sustainability could be achieved in this scenario? Definitely not.

So let us seize every opportunity presented to us by technology to reduce the world’s plastic production and waste. Apps have been built to minimise the amount of plastic used in a household or by an individual over a period of time, because one of the most effective strategies when it comes to sustainable development is to ‘think globally and act locally’. Some of those apps include:- Plastic Footprint Calculator, My Little Plastic Footprint, Plastic Free July, My Plastic Free Life, My Plastic Diary, etc. Click here to know more about these apps.

Another major threat to our environment and sustainable development is pollution. Pollutions are of different kinds:- air, water, land, noise, thermal, light and plastic pollution. Out of these types, air and land pollution is rising at an alarming rate, globally. To overcome that, techies have come up with apps that help in reducing unwanted pollution. Apps like AirCare and AirVisual tracks air pollution in more than 10000 cities and 80 countries. It also shows visual representation of various pollutants present in the air along with air pollution related news and other information.

Apps like Carma Carpooling, Tripda, Orahi, Coyatri are developed to reduce air and noise pollution by encouraging citizens to choose carpooling. The dangerously increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be reduced with the help of these methods of travel using these credible apps.

Lastly, apps like iRecycle and Good Guide, could be utilized to promote sustainable development by providing various means of recycling and buying of good quality products that has a positive impact on the environment.

To summarize, technology and application software can make an effective difference in the on-going crisis of climate change. Saasvaap is a software company that understands the value of our future and builds customized mobile apps as per the requirement of the clients. As days pass, our responsibility towards creating a sustainable tomorrow for the coming generation is becoming more crucial and necessary. With that in mind let’s unite our hands with technology for a greener world.