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Product Overview

Wheelersdesk is a garage and related services automation application. It is a complete solution that addresses the pain points of the automobile service industry which includes addressing the  gap in communication between the different types of staff,measuring service staff performance and human capital efficiency and the shortcomings of customer experience in the service center. This is done so with the help of mobile and web based applications at several levels of the system.

Product Vision

The product has been created for the automobile servicing centers and garage units to serve customers,manage staff performance and monitor the smooth running of the service station.

The product is a solution to the growing needs of servicing centers that have remained closed due to the lack of systems to  address the new norms updated by the government adhering the COVID Social distancing guidelines.

Unlike the existing solutions the product thinks beyond the myopic ambitions of a system, The product is a permanent solution to gift your customers with the best service experiences,overlook staff and management to upgrade their performances and bridge the gaps in the current system.

Product Inspiration

The product gets its inspiration from the current pandemic scenarios of social distancing and the norms that were later introduced. On research, a lot of gaps and unaddressed gray areas in the servicing industry drove us to the development of it.

Product Mission

Our goal is to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive services. We will constantly strive to meet the changing needs of the servicing industry. It is our mission to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations and maintain their loyalty for a lifetime.

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