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Here is how RPA benefits the Retail Operation.

Insuarence Industry
Project Overview:

Commerce as been part an essential part of the human history, initially as barter system which then evolved its way to electronic commerce or eCommerce. And in this era of IoTs, virtual assistants and augmented reality, online shopping has enabled us to acquire anything we need with a touch of a button. Even with all the advancement around, our client’s e-commerce team was taking a hit as it relied much on the manual process.


Our client’s eCommerce operations were heavily relied upon on the manual process as the team had to manually keep track of all the official listing, update the master listings, match the inventory with the orders, make reports and so on. As the client team was doing all these procedures manually it was taking up time and resources which was expensive and did not yield results visit website. Our client’s business was spread across South East Asian and Australasian countries, which meant the amount of data that the team had to go through was enormous and the team had to wait for a long time for any actionable intelligence or find out any inconsistency.


Implementation of our RPA tool had the following results for our client:


  1. 300 stock keeping unit covered in automation
  2. 100% accuracy achieved while extracting text and image data
  3. 2 minutes cycle time to complete capture of an SKU on each marketplace
  4. 20 time improvement in audit frequency after automation

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