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Here is how blockchain helps in Transforming Private Equity Administration.

Administration Automation
Project Overview:

Private Equity firms are the bridge between private firms and investors, and the introduction of a new equity requires tremendous efforts on behalf of the administrative team of the firms. Some of these efforts can be time consuming, error prone, and use up a lot of resources of the team which could be avoided with the implementation of a transparent secure and customizable tool.


The administrative side of Private Equity firms tend to be a complex and tedious task as it involves larger number of stakeholders and repetitive processes. This brought about challenges such as lengthy process, duplicate effort, difficulty in sharing data and more along with multiple branches across the globe made things more challenging in case for data sharing.


All these issues were solved after implementing our blockchain tool and the following is the outcomes that we have observed after implementing it for our clients:


  1.  Rapid launch 80% faster to onboard new funds
  2. Eliminated churn 50% reduction in operational expenses
  3. Stakeholder alignment 100% buy-in from all stakeholders

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