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Enterprise Mobile Application

We created a consolidated mobile application for government, which enables its users 100s' of services across a single platform. The application ranges over a hundred thousand active users where we continuously provide devops support and maintainence to ensure our quality standards.

Banking & Finance Application

A public sector institution required their records to be managed concurrently while updating the transactions carried out by the users. The application enabled users payments services and transaction management on a large scale.

News Media Application

A popular new media company required a mobile application across multiple platforms to further improve their customer interation and customer base by providing real time updates and news media coverage through the app. We were able create a seamless application that met the clients requirement


Search application

An online search and discovery platform for shops and offers in your neighbourhood. It is exclusively designed to help people find the best deals and offers available in their city.

Public Sector Service Application

Completely automates the Fire Licensing process for the Fire and Rescue Services Department of the Government

Delivery Application

A Software that helps you optimize your delivery operations through digitization. Along with automation, you there's real-time visibility into the movement of books that are dispatched.



A nature based product manufacturing company had trouble coordinating business activities and was at the edge of bankruptcy. They were in dire need of an ERP suite that could be implemented in a short span of time and would be user friendly. We handcrafted ERP modules like the production, inventory management, HR & payroll, purchase, sales, asset management and Finance & Accounting management to match their requirements of time and business need. A drastic change was seen in their profitability and overall efficiency.


For a publishing house, there wasn’t any unification between the departments which lead to delay in production and related issues. We provided them with custom ERP modules like production, inventory management, supply chain management, HR & payroll, purchase, sales, asset management and Finance & Accounting management to match their needs. After implementation, we observed that the efficiency levels had increased by 55% and the publishing house was meeting its deadline promptly.

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